SON = Schmidts Original Nabendynamomehr Licht

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Edelux II

Edelux II

o 30% more light

o wider light field

o aluminium body

o made in Tübingen

The Edelux II outshines his elder brother Edelux - with the latest LED technology and Busch and Muller's new IQ-Tec Premium mirror design:
The Edelux II light field is twice as wide and focuses at distances even better than the Edelux did. The near field of the Edelux II begins close to your front wheel and illuminates the road evenly.

Find more details here about Linkhinweis Ideal Light Distribution.


The left diagramm shows an evenly distributed light field from 2 m distance to 20 m to the front (as from a bird's eye view). This enables to see obstacles at a distance early - even at high speed. The light beam dips well to the top so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic.

Edelux bis 2013
Edelux bis 2013
Edelux bis 2013
Edelux II
Edelux II

While the original Edelux was a high-end headlight designed for fast riders, Edelux II allows riding blind curves or going slow on bad roads due to the enormous width of the light beam and its near field distribution.

Lumen or Lux?

The Lumen value (luminous flux) of an LED indicates no more than the amount of light that is given by the LED at optimum conditions, whereas the Lux value (illuminance) states the brightness of a light beam that actually hits a wall or a road surface.

The following graph shows recently measured values of dynamo-powered headlights at different speeds with SON 28 built in a 700c wheel and tail light.

The illuminance in Lux indicates the brightness at the brightest spot of the light beam. According to German legal regulations this value is given at 10 m distance on a white wall. The Lux value is easy to measure and gives reasonable comparative values.
High illuminance is vital in poor viewing conditions (wet road surface, blinding oncoming traffic). Highest illuminance should be projected at the upper edge of the light beam to create good visibility at far distance.

The Edelux II housing is of robust aluminium, closed up watertight with a scratch-proof, anti-reflective glass lens. It has an easy to use magnetic switching ring, even when wearing gloves. Connection to the hub dynamo is with the SON coaxial cable.
The LED is placed on a copper heat sink that mounts directly on to the aluminium housing. This way the LED is perfectly well cooled, a vital necessity for good efficiency and durability.

Technical Data

Light Source: 2.4/ 3 Watt high-performance LED (>100 lm/W)
German Mark of Conformity: ~~~ K 607
Feed Cable: Coaxial cable, PVC-free, Ø 3 mm 60 cm and 36 cm, connectors fitted for SON alternatively 140 cm with loose connectors
Connection for Rear Light: Spade connector 2.8 mm and eyelet terminal (enclosed)
Switch: Switching ring with magnet, reed-contact
Functions: Automatic light sensor and capacitor-standlight
Seal: Two o-rings, electronics fully encapsulated
Housing: Aluminium 6082 T6
Weight: 85 g
Guarantee: 5 years
Colours: Polished or anodized (silver, black, red, orange, gold, pink, blue, green)

Linkhinweis Fact Sheets and Assembly Instructions (PDF)

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