SON = Schmidts Original Nabendynamomehr Licht



Schmidt's Original Hub Dynamos meet exceptional demands. Weight and power consumption are parameters that can be easily measured and the technical details can be found Linkhinweis in our brochures.

The life cycle of high quality deep groove ball bearings up to 50.000 km is no issue for an accurately designed front hub, nor are there any other mechanical parts subject to regular wear and tear in gearless hub dynamos.

SON 28 new SON 28 15 disc
SONdelux SONdelux 12mm
SON XS-M   SON XS semiradial

Due to underpressure resulting from differing temperatures water may intrude even well-sealed parts of a bicycle. Sooner or later corrosion or freezing will cause damage in a hub dynamo. Until 2001 such damages caused by water were quite frequent. Then in 2002 we solved the problem: ever since a smart pressure compensation system is integrated in all SONs and retrofitted into all repairs. For this reason we give 5 years of warranty on all the different types of models.

SONdelux, SON 28 and SON XS are VSF..all-ride certified VSF-Qualitätssiegel

Linkhinweis Range of Products valid until 30 September 2018 (Prices for Germany)